Meeting - 22/01/15 Hi All, firstly I’m really sorry for letting you all down with my late arrival. I had worked until just gone 4am that morning having returned from Coventry the day before and I was still in bed when Phil called, oblivious to the time and my missed appointment - so really sorry! Following the meeting at Emma’s office, Phil, Chris, Dave and myself went on to a local pub to have a chat and these are points raised and just my personal thoughts for open discussion. Raising Advertising Revenue... To enable this project to succeed, we obviously need to ensure steps are taken to source, deliver and sign-up new and past advertisers. With the current economic climate and this being a new project without viewing figures or sizeable web visits, attracting advertising is going to be a tough task. Therefore, I propose we that we make the after show advertising opportunity more attractive and valuable to the advertiser by making the following changes. Show Advertisers - Premier advertisers... Any advertiser featured on an episode to be... 1) Provided with a mini video uploaded so they can use the video in their own marketing. 2) Provided with a link to their advert on UKWeddingTV Youtube page for them to add to their social media or web page. The ‘As featured on UKWeddingTV’ tag is something I am sure they would like to flaunt and we should take full advantage of their ‘self promotion’ activities, they will want to show off the fact that they have been on SKY TV and we should ensure the Sky Brand is used to our advantage. 3) Additionally, their web advert is to be given prominence by making them the first advert in their service category (one per advertiser). We will continue to link their advert directly to their own web page or UKWeddingTV’s own online Mall. (A new section which can generate additional revenue vis advert/page generation fees). If an advertiser only has a facebook page, we should explain the importance of having a web platform and the value it represents over a facebook page). 4) For those new advertisers wishing to be displayed on our webpage only, we will display their link directly below any premier advertiser. Their web advert will be smaller than a premier advertiser, yet the links they have will be the same as a premier advertiser, ie to their own web, facebook or via a page on UKWeddingTV’s Mall page. To attract new advertisers, we will need someone doing the leg work and a commission only opportunity may be of interest to someone. However, we will need to establish a suitable database, one which they can operate and progress monitored. The sales person will need promotional material, I would suggest e-mailers which they can forward to prospective advertisers. To hook new advertisers, they need to be convinced that the kudos of being associated with the programme can help increase their own profile. The cost has to be attractive to advertisers and the benefits clearly stated in our promotional material The value for money ratio needs to be measured against current programmes or even publishing equivalent. Also we need to encourage advertisers to offer some sort of incentive to encourage views to go to the advertising section of the website. Viewers Enquiry Page To help make it easy for our views, I propose we introduce a ‘Viewers Enquiry Form’ on our website where viewers can tick the advertisers they wish to receive further information from. the form would also capture their details which in turn will be forwarded to those requested advertisers. The form would be something like the following. Charity Support Links... Dave mentioned that he has the opportunity to link the project with a charity and this would possibly provide exposure via their online social networking sites. For me personally, I think linking with a charity has to be ‘without’ the emotional association which is likely to be attached with such a project. If you decide this is a route you wish to follow, you will need to ensure it is a charity which can offer benefits to the project via good exposure and the scheme is one which is easy to establish. Possible ways this could work... We could ask our advertisers to double their incentive discount for charity support customers. (ie: if an advertiser offers 5% to customers contacting them through our website, then this is doubled if they provide a code issued to them if they donate £5 to the selected charity.)  To make this work, we simply need to add a Virgin Donate Money button to our website. The viewer completes the form and pays their donation by card. Within the thank you message they will be given a thank you code which can then be provided to their chosen website supplier. This additional discount could be quite significant. To gain exposure, the charity will need to display a ‘thank you’ notice on their social media page, within a UKWeddingTV logo associated with the donation, otherwise we would not get the exposure we require.
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Simple branded email advertising mailer, which can be developed to include clips from past shows.
Basic idea of how the web advertising can be developed and operated.
Example of the proposed Viewers Enquiry Form layout where viewers can easily request further information from featured and web based advertisers.
Display listing adverts, one featuring the UKWeddingTV charity appeal message and chosen charity logo.